Day 208 – 6 Months & 25 days

Nearly entering my Month-7 in TSW! Hooray! Things are ok. A quick general update:
  • I sleep better nowadays though do wake up several times itching and takes 30mins to 2 hours to get back to sleep. My boys have got the fever these two days so have been up at night looking after them, but their temperature is going down Smile 
  • Still vacuuming daily with those billions of dead skin flakes flying around Baring teeth smile
  • Using Dr. Fukaya’s lotion everyday if I remember.
  • Still drinking TCM daily.
  • I’m not perspiring crazy now which is good! I still sting a little bit when I perspire when I get hot and also when I get out of the shower if I have raw skin from scratching rashes.
  • My eyes are good. Have my follow-up appointment in two weeks time to see if laser is necessary for left eye which is still hazy after surgery. Have been a bit. I have noticed when I stare at something for longer times I get a bit of a droopy eye in my right eye and I’m freaking out that it’s a side effect of cataract surgery (ptosis) and it’s pretty common Sad smile
  • Still not moisturising and going well
  • I still eat crap like junk food Smile with tongue out I gotta stop cos I think it’s contributing to my flares as I drink instant soup which has a bit of dairy, bread with cheese, chocolates, ice-cream… I’m allergic to cows milk so yeah. naughty me!
  • have updated Photos page

More specifically….                                                         
They are actually getting worse I think Sad smile and my fingers are bloated? maybe it’s summer and fluid retention? My ring is pretty tight on my ring finger and it actually makes my finger itchy. or maybe I’m just fat! I have gained a few pounds Confused smile
The deep cuts are SORE Crying face it’s hard, as I say previously in my post, to do chores and look after kids when I need to wash my hands etc all the time but leaving it open actually heals faster than sticking a plaster on it and I’m so sick of plasters they come off so easily after being wet. Even expensive waterproof plasters I buy so I’m just like ok fuck it Smile with tongue out sometimes it does get very sore and I nee do stick a plaster over it so I can just sleep or else the pain actually gets me up!
The flare on my arms are dying down VERY slowly but legs are still very itchy and am still flaring I think I still scratch it lots every day and night. it sux because it’s summer here and I really want to wear short sleeve and shorts!!! but I dunno I feel very disgusting showing these rashes Sad smile I feel like people will think I’m contagious. I mean my face is worse enough LOL seeing these rashes along with my face will freak people out more Sad smile I know a lot of TSW warriors says things get better during summer but I’m wondering if winter will be better for me cos it will be a year off steroids for me then and I’m born in winter so in a way I’m used to the cold Smile with tongue out
Chest did flare when arms and legs flared as well but have died down now and side of waist is pretty smooth new skin at the moment. I only have a bad patch which itches pretty bad when I perspire just below my belly button. It’s also cos I’m fat I have to admit (fuck) lol that my flabs are digging into my pants which makes it sweat more and itch more. so I should really tone up my waist!
Noticing more hair coming out! Yay! Actually my eyelashes are all broken and short now Sad smile I couldn’t see before with my cataract eyes but now it’s like Crying faceCrying faceCrying face and no eyebrows Crying faceCrying faceCrying face oh wells they will grow back one day I guess ….
My forehead is looking much better tho VERY DEEP wrinkles. I wonder if I can get rid of them with the Dr. Fukaya lotion I don't know smile
My face is all scabby again because each time I shower my skin dries up and it get itchy and I can’t help it but slap and scratch my face then it bleeds and goes raw and dries up. After putting on Dr. Fukaya’s lotion it actually absorbs very quickly then my skin is even drier – in a good way tho. I mean I can feel that underneath my skin is hydrated and my dead skin is coming off more easily but if it was just water the dead skin wont come off that easily. So the drier the better for me I feel. Nowadays I only shower 1-3 days ok I know it’s gross but it works for me Smile with tongue out in terms of developing stronger skin n not drying out too much showering everyday
Still itches and scratch crazy when perspiring but doesn’t seem to flare it does hurt when I scratch too deep. but not more oozing and very minimal flaking

I went to my nieces birthday party last week and a couple of people couldn't help but stare at me…. I was upset for a few moments but then just got over it. Still these things will upset me even though how many times I’ve told myself that I need to be strong and screw others but it really hurts when u get discriminated right? I guess I just have to think that they probably felt sorry for me and wanted to ask what's wrong but was too chicken too. Anyway, I have my boys as my motivation everyday ♥

That’s it for now. I’ll probably take a rest from blogging as I need to concentrate on my thesis! All the best TSW fellows and carers! As always stay strong and strive on!


Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!


  1. Your face looks so much better! And your kids are adorable and your eyes are doing well! I'm so glad. My mom still asks about how you're doing aha. Glad i'll have good reports :) Here's to small victories!!

    1. Thanks Esther you and your mom is so sweet :) thanks for the support xxx

  2. Wow - can definitely see the improvement - and glad to hear you are feeling a little better too!! Much love xx

    1. thanks Ruby i hope u are doing better by the day too~ xxx

  3. Your face has improved much! Stay strong!

    1. Thanks Eugene. Ur skin has improved a lot too. Stay strong pls update ur progress again soon :) xxx

  4. Hi Ahfaye! Glad to hear you are progressing. You look much better in these latest photos. Yeah, people are curious and it's nice when they ask what you're battling isn't it? I had a lymph node above my eye swollen so big last week that my vision was blurred and it looked like I was punched in the face. And the pressure..ouch. People stare but oh well. We really have bigger things to worry about then that like sleeping at night and trying to find a little comfort. If I can give you some advice on eating junk food and such: Don't be so hard on yourself. Early in this battle it seems like everything affects us, but I think it's just the cycles of the blood vessels opening up. I know that beer definitely has an effect on my skin, but so does just breathing some days. I'm on day 475 (almost 16 months) and just coming out of a flare. Feeling pretty good the last week. Always tell myself maybe this is it. But who knows. Sending more love and healing thoughts your way.
    Cory Zyromsky
    Ontario, Canada

    1. Thanks Cory! Yes it's actually nice that ppl ask, I'd rather they ask then just bloody stare at me haha. but yes we have better things to worry about. Thanks for reminding me! :) Oh no, hope that swelling has gone down now. I had the worse days with dead skin all over my eyes and swollen too from slapping :( re eating, nah i can eat like a bag of chips in one go hahaha i think it's a bit over :P i've stopped these few days. I just have to stop buying junk food really :( yes alcohol always boils my blood but when my skin is not red or flaring, alcohol seems to be fine. same with my allergic foods. I'm so jealous of you being 16months steroid free. I hope ur sleep gets better and more good days are ahead of you xxx

  5. Your face looks a lot better already. I'm so happy for you! 2014 is the year! = )

    1. Thanks dear! I was just reading your recent blog post. Hope that flare doesn't come for you. Happy healing xxx

  6. Hey Faye, your face looks SOOOOOO much better now. I am so happy for you. Sounds like things are going on the right track. You're a strong and beautiful woman, and your positive attitude inspires a lot of people. God bless and enjoy your recovery journey.

    1. Cheers Brenda, I hope you are healing well too xxx

  7. It's so good to see your body is slowly healing itself from this damage! You are doing good and will help so many through this. God bless...xo

    1. thank u Joey. thank u for leading us TSW warriors, without blogs like urs, alot of us wouldn't have started one, i hope this kind of supportive community of TSW grows to help more ppl :)

  8. I think I posted but so glad to see you coming along so well! xo