1 year off steroids – still alive :)

IMG_3314 I have submitted my thesis!!!!!!! EEKKKK!!! I can’t believe I managed to finish it… while slapping and scratching my face to relieve itch almost every paragraph I typed out. Yes literally. It has been soooooooooo stressful over the last 2 months. I’m so glad it’s over!
So… it’s been a year off steroids for me. I haven’t documented much over the last 2 months as I was so busy writing and trying to concentrate on my thesis. I didn’t even take much photos, no photos at all in June (month 11). At the moment, my face has good and bad days, but it is generally ok and getting better. It is serioussllly what I eat. Please read Mary’s post if you haven’t, to know the connection between eczema flares, TSW, and leaky gut. Sleep sux now as I have finished my Zopiclone *cries* and with the crap food I'm eating my face and sinuses are super itchy especially at night :( so sleep is just bad. But now I can finally nap all I want during the day heheheheehehehe.  Definitely starting my leaky gut diet this week.
Things I’m have been doing consistently:
  • Shower 3-4 times in a week
  • Dr F lotion inconsistently, maybe 4 times a week on face only its’ cos I only apply it after I shower to a clean face
  • Using CFO on face 1-2 times a day
  • MW on all body parts
  • Less dead flaky skin flying around
  • Face slapping :/
  • Scratching: face mostly and neck, arms fingers occasionally
  • Mood: much more relaxed.
  • Stop drinking TCM concoctions for 2 months now cos I was so busy with thesis writing, I will focus on healing the leaky gut with supplements instead now
  • I have been inconsistent with my supplements  :( but have generally taken healing leaky gut supplements and will get back on track with these plus diet
I had saved some posts and just recently published it as I was busy in the last 2 months:
Here are some photos I compiled. I am proud to have survived 1 year off steroids :D



Check out my sexy legs hohohoho. see how steroids caused scarring for me and TSW did not cause any scars! Also i have very smooth silky legs, thanks to my body producing its own oils now and moisturiser withdrawal :)

I hope all TSW warriors and carers are striving well. as always stay strong and keep faith!
ahfaye x


Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!


  1. Ahfaye!!! You look great!!! Congrats on submitting your thesis, I bet you will feel so much better with that done. Less stress! Woohoo! You are an inspiriation, truly.

  2. You look amazing! :D

  3. You're back!!!! So happy to hear some good news about your thesis and skin!

    Side note: I'm also glad to see your eyesight is still great. I'm dreading my cataract surgery while having a face flare!

    Anyways, looking amazing Ahfaye! Especially the perfectly healed legs!

  4. Thank you so much Karina. Yes submitting my thesis was a great relief. I had dragged it for too long! Your blog is inspiring too, hope you get some relief soon x@Karina Sandberg

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH! oh it's nice it means you will have great vision soon :) dw too much about the flare just look forward to good vision afterwards :) yes i love my legs now hohoho :P all the best for your cataract surgery! xxx @Anonymous

  6. Well done on twelve months AND a thesis - graet work! :)

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!! I'm so glad you've healed so much!!!
    Your hair is looking great by the way!!

  8. Congrats submitting your thesis, and thanks for sharing your progress with the world. I am also going through TSW and am about 2 months in the recovery. It is simply very encouraging and motivating to see you have been making consistently positive improvements. Seeing your recovery gives me the confidence that just giving it time will be what heals the skin. I look forward to following your progress towards a full recovery! -Alex

  9. @Cat Stephens Thanks Cat! I can't wait to get more hang! At least a decent bang/fringe! Hope you are doing well lately warrior! xxx

  10. @Alex Thank you Alex! I am glad my story is helping you. Congrats on surviving the first 2 months! I look forward to the day you heal fully :)

  11. You look great ahfaye!!! You are one strong woman and definitely inspires lots of us going thru TSW! So glad to see your progress, it's remarkable. :)

  12. Hi hi Ah Faye,
    Glad to see you got so much better! (I got your encouragement some few months ago when I had the bio-hazard face)

    I've finally finished my 3-month study trip (I sustained myself with steroid) and back, the first thing I did when I landed in Hong Kong was to stop steroid and book the herbalist recommended by a warrior also from Hong Kong. It 's now about two months, I'm itchy and flaking but generally can continue life!

  13. @Brenda Chu Hey Brenda nice to hear from you. I hope you are doing well also. Stay strong warrior! x

  14. @Dead Cat Hey Dead Cat! Yes I remember you! How did your study trip go? I'm glad you enjoyed it and are back. Let me know how it all goes with the herbalist and tell him it's leaky gut issue so he can tackle the problem directly. Best wishes! xxx

  15. Congratulations on your thesis!!!!! :D
    It's great to see you doing so much better especially with all that stress. Seriously, it amazes me how strong you are. When I'm feeling pretty crap with my skin I think to how you cope with all this and it gets me through, every single time!
    Cannot wait to see your healing skyrocket! xx

  16. @tswbeatdown thank you so much! i'm so glad my story is helping you get through TSW. Ur skin is improving too which is good. Awesome u got to catchup with Esther and her husband! happy healing Chi xxx