month-13 done and dusted. hello month-14

I am half way through month 14 now writing this post. How time (kinda) flies once the pain is gone in TSW! I’m healing my gut with a strict auto-immune paleo diet + no eggs and nuts as I’m allergic to those and no nightshade veges. so pretty much I only eat meat and veges and fruits as snacks. I tend to eat a lot of chicken as I have been vegetarian most of my life and I like chicken and fish the best at the moment if I were to eat ‘carnivore’ food. I eat heapsss of frozen blueberries ;D about 1 cup a day sometimes.

U know I just don’t get hungry these days ever since I cut out wheat and sugar in my diet. it’s soooo fucken good. do u know how fucken good it is??! Lol it’s like I feel so much better with no cravings. I highly recommended the paleo diet for anyone to just try out, as a challenge for two weeks u might see good changes in ur health. Of course please talk to ur dr first as not every diet is suitable for everyone.

I met with two fellow local TSW warriors over the last 2 months and it was great to catchup with them and just rant about TSW stuff. They both going to do the Avene water therapy. Has anyone else done it? I think it’s awesome if you have the $ to do it but I think it’s still a “correction to the surface area”, I think more internal healing is needed for full healing. Check out there Facebook pages: Please Help Mia & Naomi to Avene.

So Mia healed a lottttt while coming back to New Zealand but started flaring again after a few weeks. i think it’s cos the water therapy has stopped (there are natural anti-inflammatory and healing prosperities in the water i think), so of cos toxins will surface again. Mia and her mum will go back to France and do another session of water therapy. Naomi will also be going with her mum at the same time as Mia. Great they have each other in a foreign country for support. Best of luck to them!!

Been making bone broths with Chinese herbs to nourish my gut and making my own cultured probitoic foods – coconut water/milk kefir and fermented pickles! Feels great eating healthy and knowing my body will heal with these nourishing foods ;D
IMG_4139 IMG_4140

chiropractic-adjustment Chiropractic adjustments. So I’ve started these in month-13 of TSW as my back pain was just getting worse and I did a lot read ups about chiropractic adjustments and they help tremendously with various health issues as the spine is connected to all our nerves in the body so having the spine aligned properly will improve overall health and functioning. So far my back pain has improved just a little bit and sinuses have been improving too. I loved my first consultation as when I said I used steroids, antibiotics and immunosuppressants for years and told her I’m just healing naturally now by withdrawing from drugs eating healthy and taking supplements. She asked what supplements I was taking and I told her a bunch of supplements and she was like “good, you need to heal that leaky gut”. OMFG someone knows! Understands! Wtf I’m going on about!! Its like for a year ++ I have tried to explain to my friends and family WTF I’m doing (TSW and leaky gut stuff) and they just don’t really get it; and now meeting someone who knows and agrees with what I am doing - ROCKS man!!! :D

Face and hands/arms looking pretty good in month-13


IMG_4096on a bad day my neck looks like this. pinky pinky! i scratch the area and it feel moist tho not oozing/weepy. leaving it dry out heals it pretty much until it gets itchy again if i eat ‘bad stuff” :P soemtimes i eat a bit of my boys food - it's so hard doign paleo when my family isn't. I try to give my boys more paleo dinners some nights and they are pretty good with it.

NUMKEL8_14__80399.1405427703.1280.1280 MONTHS

oil So I thought my skin is a lil better now and I used tamanu oil on my face and neck and coconut oil on my arms. BAD DECISION. FLARED BADLY! I was itching all night and thinking omg what did I eat etc etc then realised duhhhh the oils I just used!! I was oozing all over again on my face and arms like in month 3 of TSW!! Will stay away from everythingggg except Dr F’s lotion and ointment now :(

however once I washed off the oils on my face, neck and arms, I flaked like crazy!! once dried up from the ooze and my face is looking a lot better prior the oil application. it really peeled off all those layers of dead skin that was hard to come off prior the oil application. My arms are still dying down tho. Sux coz things were getting well steadily. What a stupid choice I made ;( well this is a good learning curve for me and I really gotta listen to my body. Really listen to ur body as I know some use tamanu oil and coconut oil religiously and have helped them heaps in TSW. So everyone is just different.

i cant’ wait to look normal again with eyebrows….my lost hair has grown back well and growing stronger, just the shortness is a little annoying. i usually wear a headband just to get it out of my face. My eyes are still swollen-ish i think it’s from the face slapping and eyes rubbing due to itchiness. i have reduced the slapping and rubbing a lot as my skin has improved over the last week or so. face is still pinkish colour looking and non-flaring areas like chest and neck are all brown and dull looking. a bit contrast in the photo below. i wonder how i can get rid of that brown/black darkness later… my forehead is almost normal skin now. but those wrinkles sigh... guess i need to look into more natural healing stuff for wrinkles now!!!


i dunno how many more layers my skin will peel on my face. it feels like such a never ending process! takes a month to 12 weeks for full regeneration of new skin. but definitely there are improvements! not losing hope and getting more excited seeing my own healing take place ;)

skin cells life cycle

i have completed a few things on my to do list :D i’m getting there. Doing more happy things in TSW generates more positive energy for healing :D

List of things I want to do after I submit my thesis!!!!!
  • Eat, sleep and watch drama all day hehehe
  • Cut my hair myself LOL that’ll be fun. I meant just trimming it really :P
  • Throw out / donate old junk in the house - done some
  • Clean the house thoroughly - done some of it
  • Give away my boy’s outgrown toys
  • BAKE!  i was awesome cos i bake chocolate chip banana muffins for my boys and i didn't eat one at all!!! :P
  • Finish sewing toys for my boys - taken sewing machine to get serviced so this will happen later
  • Sew new toys for my friend’s babies – so many Horsie babies this year!! My sis is preggies too :) - my sis had her baby last night awwwwww newborn babies!! feeling clucky. but no. not going down that route again lol
  • Do my nails!
  • Water fasting – yes!! Probably just a week or so
  • Spiritual practice – meditation and chanting -  bad need to do this more, have done one session of yoga tho ;P
  • READ books! - i have bought a few books and need to start reading it!!!
  • Document my skin history and TSW progress thoroughly - in progress, still whipping up info on leaky gut healing
  • Spend more time with family
  • Enjoy life :D
That's it for now. i hope everyone is doing ok and staying as comfortable as they can get and striving along the TSW journey. 

As always keep faith, stay strong and happy healing guys xxx

 <--- the banana chocolate chip muffins i didn't dig into! :P


Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!


  1. Your looking so much better gal! You've come a long way! Keep it up!

    For me am gloomy...... does embracing TSW pain mean:
    when your skin is weeping at the joints but the rest of your body too dry n splitting open for Epson salt bath......u rry heavy emollient, baths and wet wraps then sufder insane itch from MTHFR gene mutation....... sore with wounds....... you take antihistamines that results in dry skin again. .......
    Hopeless. ..... pain...... I know I sound childish but let me dieeeeeee

  2. Hi Faye, just wanna make an additional query....
    Leaky gut diet suggest lotsa bone broth but how often should we take it?
    Wont taking it eveeyday result in gout?
    Just something that cane across the mind.

  3. @zombiebegone Good question. i always wondered about that too as my dad has gout issues. there is not much data in leaky gut, gout and bone broths combination. but i found this answer online:

    "While I don't have any solid data on that, I DO know that gout is actually less a problem of meat and meat products than it is a lack of magnesium, b6, vitamin c and other nutrients.

    New research has shown that those with gout tend to have lower vitamin c intakes- which correlates with a higher level of 'acidity' in the blood which promotes the formation of uric acid crystals.

    Vitamin C and magnesium can help to put the uric acid crystals into solution. So, theoretically, the uric acid from the meats would go into the broth, but I learned about bone broth via the Weston A. Price Foundation and the cookbook 'Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats' and there are plenty of anecdotal cases about people's gout being relieved on this 'paleolithic' diet.

    And here's a quote from Dr. Thomas Cowan who actually uses bone broth to treat his patients with gout!

    "In In my years of treating patients with gout, a program of decreasing protein intake along with liberal use of all the usual animal fats and the regular use of gelatinous stocks has been the key to preventing uric acid buildup and further attacks of gout."

    So, using bone broth as well as increasing magnesium, b6, Vitamin C Supplements and cherry juice could actually solve the underlying problem of why you are forming gout crystals in the first place!

    Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
    Functional Medicine Practitioner
    Immune System"

    also fresh bone broth is good. some people can't take left over/overnight bone broths due to high histamine levels in it. hope that helps ;)

  4. @zombiebegone Thanks hun! no u don't sound childish i was more childish than u in early days of TSW!! it's tough pain roads. try to just stay comfy and don't indulge too much of all this TSW information cos it just gets overwhelming and overloading. just rest and focus on staying positive xxx u can do it!

  5. Hi ahfaye! How long did it take for your sugar cravings to go away? I also have leaky gut but have long since abandoned my healing diet in favor of a comforting one lol. Think I need to get back to the healing one.

  6. @Karina Sandberg hey Karina, it took about 1-2 weeks. I am still using raw honey though and tend to over do it with my decaf tea haha. ah wells, i think at least i'm not having bad sugar. i eat "bad foods" too sometimes for comfort it's just soooo hard aye. but oh wells, we always have tomorrow to start again LOL hope u are doing well dear xxx

  7. Today I re-read your research on my previous bone-broth query above.

    Think I'll follow you on what you said
    also fresh bone broth is good. some people can't take left over/overnight bone broths due to high histamine levels in it. hope that helps ;)"

    Cause my itch is not getting any better.....

  8. @zombiebegone Cheers hun. I have reduce bone broths in the past months. Just lazy really. But meat in general is not well digested by human body esp red meat so i'm looking into it and will share more information with you all. The Paleo diet is probably not the best for me afterall....