Month-16 update

Hey all,

How are all you warriors doing?

I have been busy then super slack with everything

================= SKIN =================

Month 16 of TSW just went by like ZOOOM! It gets by a lot faster when I am occupied with all sorts of things and it's like screw TSW I don't have time to deal with you! LOL. So I have been slack with photos I only found this one on my phone which was near month 16. Photo taken near end of Month 15 (Month 15 and 22 days / Day 479).


Skin has been good-ish until I actually reached month-16 (around mid-November). I think it is all the stress of organizing my boy's birthday party then the crap food I ate at the party. I had to eat one.... (ok I ate 3 LOL) cupcakes at my boys party and some chippies, sushi, etc Sad smile since then skin starting getting worse from early December, it was already flaring mildly prior to that. I didn’t take any other photos this month. But what I have noticed is that I have been itching much more with the gluten I’ve put in my system, stress and sleep deterioration. My facial skin just isn’t recuperating as well as the days I used to sleep well on sleeping aids Sad smile Back of knees have flared very badly. It has been mostly red and weepy. When it's  dry it's cracked and sore, so I have been applying the clofibrate ointment a lot more. The clofibrate ointment makes it red and itchier upon initial application cos of the vaseline content blocking pores it's really itchy, but need it for movement. It's really annoying. Arms have also flared not as bad as legs tho as it's not weepy, same with hands and back of neck.

So is this the famous after 1 year TSW flare right??? Yeahhhh detoxification. Get this shit outta me. I am not scared!!!


Flares are dying down. During flare the spots were quite reddened. Didn’t manage to take any photos during the flare tho…but as you can see no more smooth sexy legs Crying face Hope this clears up soon as it’s summer in NZ now!!!


Look at my hair!! IT DOES GROW BACK Smilecompare month 5 with month 17 photo


MY EYES: they have healed very well. I went for a follow-up and didn’t’ even get to see the consultation doctor as she was so busy… and just saw the registrar or something and he said my recovery was “perfect” and can come back in 3 months time. I was worried about my floaters but they have pretty much disappeared now, I only see very minimal floaters now, it doesn’t affect me usually. I have noticed my short-sightedness progressing though, I never really used to use reading glasses for the computer and I find that at night time or when I’m tired I need to put on reading glasses to see things clearly.

================= DIET =================

Still PALEO-ing as much as I can with the diet. What I usually eat is veges, meat and kimchi. I am still addicted to tea. I am a super Early Grey Tea lover and have about 6 cups a day. yah CRAZY! I used to have it with condensed milk it was sooo yummy hehehe. Since TSW II’ve switched to decaf tea. From 6 cups a day I have reduced to 2-3 cups now Smile I use raw honey as sweetener and non-dairy creamer. Tea is my dessert so I have it quite sweet. Other times I eat salads mainly with meat, avocados, bacon and lots of roasted sesame seeds hmmmmmm! I do use sesame dressing and that is not paleo which I still need to find a substitute…


I think I can do 1 cup of tea a day very soon!!! yeah baby!!! Why? cos I’m determined and I am doing green juices and smoothies a lot lately to help with detoxifying and adding nutrients to my body.

My usual green juice consists of: kale, green apples, celery and carrot. And my green smoothies consists of: salad greens, kale, banana, frozen blueberries/mixed berries, chia seeds, L-glutamine powder, wheatleaf powder, coconut water. Other days I may add cacao power or avocados, just depends what I have in the fridge really. They are so delicioussssss mmmmmm..........


IMG_5330[1]I stopped the overnight bone broths now. I just do Chinese bone broths (which only takes 2-3 hours) with Chinese herbs 2-3 times a week.

================= THE BRIGHTER SIDE OF TSW =================

It’s THAT time of the year – CHRISTMAS!! So I wanted to get all the kid’s Christmas presents before I get crushed in the Christmas shopping crowd so I did it quite early on,most of it at the end of November. And then comes forever gift wrapping! hahaha even tho I did enjoy it, it is super tiring!! Then comes setting up the Christmas tree and making sure your preschooler and toddlers doesn’t break it before Christmas day actually comes LOL. Stashing away the Christmas presents having them all hidden before the boys get it all torn apart I don't know smile

IMG_4945My baby boy just turned 2 in early December!! .And we did a party for him this year as I was sooo sick last year and didn’t do anything. I felt so guilty since it was his first birthday.

But as mummy promised a party for you this year!

I DID NOT DO THOSE CUPCAKES. I would have died if I did. LOL I think the boys had a great time at the party and hope the guests did too! It was a very long and tiring day. I think we won’t do any kid parties till the boys are 5 Smile with tongue out

Aside from Xmas and party things, I have also been busying enjoying life on top of TSW Smile

IMG_4265Made these cool tomato burgers for girlfriend’s baby shower. They look fabulous but taste is so-so Smile with tongue out. She had gestation diabetes in pregnancy so we had to make a diabetic friendly dish. It was fun Smile Those interested you can get the recipe here:


Babies babies babies! I have also been busy making lactation cookies for everyone!! My sister and lots of girlfriends have had babies recently so I made them cookies that help with their breast milk supply as I know how hard it can be breastfeeding with low supply. I went out and got glass jars and decorated them. Lots of fun Smile For those interested you can get the recipe here:

I have also been doing more research into holistic approaches and treatments to health and diseases. The more I research and find out how our human body works the more fascinated I am at how we all heal naturally of many diseases. I just have to gather all this information and whip it up into a more comprehensible blog post! So watch out for another post coming up.

I hope everyone has their own colourful brighter side of their TSW journey. Keep strong, keep faith, keep going warriors!!



Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!


  1. So Glad you're doing well and enjoying life again!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hey Ahfaye

    I'm absolutely over the moon for your progress! You've been to hell and back and still came out smiling. You are indeed so much better in comparison to how you were this time last year or even a few months ago. I know how difficult it must've been to do a birthday party for the litlle 'un (congratulations btw!), celebrating my nephews B'days were an absolute nightmare. I'm confident by your kid's 5th B'day, you're going to be beyond healed (certainly a lot sooner), then you can demolish all the cakes you want haha :)

    This is just a little temporary setback you're experiencing and will be just a memory in the near future. I believe you're on to something essential regarding the body's ability to cure itself of most diseases. Exercise, food and rest along with a strong mind are nature's medicinal procedure for overall good health, in my opinion. I look forward to reading your upcoming post.


  3. Wow Faye, what progress.,.... seems u have no flaking there! and yeah the hair really is back....
    Keeping busy is good, and makes life fulfilling, rather than feeling this TSW thing taking away all the energy. Keep it up!

    I'll wait for your next post :D


    Enjoy this year with better skin and better health!

  5. You look so much better. Glad to see your hair is growing back. Baby hairs!! = )
    and nice mason jar mug!

    sun leen fai lok, ah faye!

  6. Hi ahfaye
    Bloody hell, you had it rough. I feel so terrible when I see others in pain, but I am so happy to hear things are doing better for you. All that food looks fab!!! I am so jealous. You'll have to cook for me some time ! :P
    Thank you for updating despite getting better with your skin. I have also been doing better but I keep updating... I really hope I don't completely lose touch with the TSW world, it has been such a life changing, horrible time of life.
    lots of hugs for you. Keep smiling

  7. @curgolf Thanks Rosemarie hope you had a wonderful Xmas and new start to the year too xxx

  8. @Mohamed Kayse Hey buddy! Thank you so much for your comment and sorry late reply! Yes i'm confident that I will be better at organizing my 5 year old's party in a few years time! Thanks dude I am healing well and have tried a few natural healing methods over the new year, need to whip up some posts and my lazy butt :P

  9. @zombiebegone Thanks hun. sorry for the late reply. oh yeah flaking is still happening but in mini minute flakes that is not as noticable nowadays but still adds up on the floor.... -_-" haha, Yes keeping busy is great aye, we must keep going in life and not let TSW worn us out :)

  10. @zombiebegoneMerry Xmas hun!! hope u have a lovely xmas and new 2015 xxx

  11. @kaysun leen fai lok ah leng lui :) oh yeah my eye brows are finalllllyy coming!!! yes those jars are so cool and got them very cheap during xmas period *peace out*

  12. @Wynter Hey hun sorry late reply. glad to hear u are doing better! yes TSW is horrible but i think it has really given us the wisdom of natural healing in our health, changed our perspectives on many things and made us appreciate the many things in life too. we must stay positive to stick through this transformation point in our life :)