Month 19–colonics and liver cleanse

I am not recommending colonics and cleanses for people as we all have different health issues and these remedies may not be suited for everyone. 

As always, before you do any detoxes and cleanses always consult with your health professional before going ahead. I also suggest you do thorough research and educate yourself around the topic beforehand.

Hi all,

Sorry for the late updates! I have been doing quite a bit lately and just lazing about in between. So I have been writing late posts and needing to back date things just so it makes sense in chronological order.

So I have been cleaning my bowel of toxic fecal matter and have been having good results. I have had a lot of old black gunk cleared out. I started doing all this enema and colonic thing because I just knew my health issues were more than just TSW itself. I don't want to finish healing from TSW and then a few months to years later still have health problems lurking around. I want to make the most of this period and make a total health (and life) transformation. I wanna be healthy inside out, top to bottom after all this! I have had enough!!!

Hippocrates (father of medicine) quotes “death sits in the bowels” and "all disease begin in the gut". It all makes sense when I found out the colon has reflex points that are connected to the rest of the human body. The picture below reveals the reflex points of the colon which corresponds to each part of the human body. When we have toxic fecal matter stuck in our colon resting at a certain reflex point, the corresponding body part is bound to be affected. My colon hydrotherapist says that it is just "cancer waiting to happen" if the toxic fecal matter isn't eliminated over time. Although removing the fecal matter doesn't necessarily mean fully fixing the problematic health issue, but it definitely means that the body has less toxic matter to deal with and there is more room for healing and recovery.

 [photo credit: from my colon hydrotherapist's clinic]

Over time when we do not clean out our old fecal matter, it will deform our colon like the picture below. It's because the toxic matter becomes rubbery and HEAVY! When we have old rubbery hard stuff stuck in our colon, newly digested food can't come out. So the colon become more clogged up. In the fecal matter I eliminated I saw ballooned shaped and bowel spasm shaped. It's scary! I am sure I have a prolapsed colon as when I felt water go in my colon during the colonic it was right in the middle and low in my uterus area. If my colon was normal I'd feel water pressure up higher closer to my belly button, but that was not the case.
  [photo credit: from my colon hydrotherapist's clinic]

For those who would like to read up about colon health and how this connects and affects the rest of our body, I have a few good books to recommend:

  • Dr Bernard Jensen's Tissue Cleaning through Bowel Management. I have uploaded a PDF copy here
  • Prof Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Diet Healing System. I have also uploaded a PDF copy here

Some progress pictures

After first detox, feeling awesome Open-mouthed smile

During 2nd detox - flaring a little bit as the colonic has loosened up the mucoid plaque and toxins are stirred up, leaking through that leaky gut and eliminating through my skin before I release the gunk

Redness from previous impetigo infection all gone in the hands and arms - back to pre-infection TSW state

Still a bit of redness in the legs and thighs


First time putting on make since 20 months ago!!

After 2nd Detox – flare dies down after more mucoid plaque is eliminated this round.

Very scarred legs from impetigo infection Sad smile But it’s healing well I guess. Notice the redness has died down after 2nd detox colonic. Still using topical clofibrate ointment daily at this stage on thighs and legs.

Feeling better after my LIVER CLEANSE. I got quite a bit of green stones out
For those who want to see my stones click here
WARNING you may be grossed out, click at your own risk Smile with tongue out
The green stuff is STONES / BILE not poop ok Smile with tongue out

For those interested in know what a Liver Cleanse is, you can visit: Gallstones in the liver: A major health risk & Natural Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanse

I didn’t make my own liver cleanse formula as I was scared of making mistakes as I've never done this before. So I just got mine made by a homeopath and it was very easy to follow. She gave me two shaker bottles and I just drank the contents till each line on the bottle and passed out the stones the next day. A liver cleanse was suggested by my colon hydrotherapist and it was much harder to do than fasting and the detox. I felt sick (headaches and very fatigued) on the liver cleanse even though it was only 2 days. So that really tells me how toxic my liver was.

Where my gallstones could have been trapped:

[image source:]

I think that's it for me now guys.

Happy healing everyone!



Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!


  1. Hello, I am Hide and am a big fan of your blog. It has been almost 16 months since I got into the TSW process. I have a somewhat similar attitude toward the process, which I have been learning lots of things I can not learn without going through TWS. As an example, I had not studied much about my health even thought of it. After reading books and paper, I feel like I now have a better understanding of myself. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. @AnonymousHi Hide, sorry for the late reply. It's fantastic we are all learning lots about the human body and ourselves during this difficult journey. But this has been the beauty of it. I'm glad my posts have been of interest for you. I hope you heal steadily and well in the coming months. Happy healing xxx - love your name btw ;)

  3. Thanks for your reply. Hide again. Actually, I am from Japan and am doing my master in Australia now...haha I know you used to use Dr. Yukaya's cream (I often read his Japanese blog) and live in NewZealand. In fact, in Japan a lot of people face the process and blog their improvements. I do not know what to say but really look up to you. I guess I am 4 to 5 months behind your decision to face the TWS and thus your improvement is a real encouragement for me. Also, your attitude is almost always positive. I find it very great. I sometimes unintentionally produce hostile anger in my mind and try to find who is responsible for this. This negatively affect my mood. Thank you!

  4. @Anonymous Hi Hide, thanks for your kind words. I hope this blog can support people through their hard times in TSW. it's such a tough journey. Wow good on your for pursuing ur Masters degree during TSW. It was soooo hard for me near the end of submission period esp when I had another eye surgery. Was just so crazy. Luckily in the end I made and managed to get an 'A-', lost my honours tho cos had to extend and suspend it for so long to complete sigh. I hope yours will be easy peasy! :D Dr Fukaya's blog has some really great information. We are lucky to have doctors like him to spread the knowledge. All the best Hide, hear from you again soon xxx

  5. Hello Hide again I am sorry for this late reply. How have you been doing? My condition has been getting better without any doubts but my finger skin got peeled off again that has been lasting for a month. It is really great that you got A- while TSW ! Sometimes you refer to academic paper so I was wondering what kind of person you are lol You are very strong. Actually, I finished half my degree and went into TSW, consequently had to take a break for a year. Although I did not fully recover, I dicided to restart my degree. As you said, it was totally unimaginable. I had to stay in hospital for almost two months which is extremely long in countries like Japan where there are not enough beds. Some of my friends I met before TSW still lived in here when I came back. It seemed like they got kind of surprised how I looked different at the time of my second arrival wow Please let me know how you are doing. Thanks.

  6. @Anonymous Hi Hide, nice to hear from you again. You must be pretty busy. Wow sounds like you been through a lot too. Glad to hear things are getting better now tho. It really takes time. How long did you use steroids for? My family and friends always think I'd be all back to normal around 6 months (max 12 months) of withdrawal, but it takes much much longer than that. I have used lots of steroids and immunosuppressants in the recent years, my internal organs are really screwed from this :/ Thanks for the kind comments and support. Things have been up and down for me with my eyes, my skin is improving steadily, will do an update post soon. just lazy :P take care xxx

  7. Hi This is Hide. Yes it does take time. I think that I started using steroid cream when I was in the first year of university in summer. Then I used it for five and half years without the knowledge of possible side effect from long term use. I applied it to everywhere on my body excluding only neck and face after taking shower everyday. Dr Fukaya satated in his book that in general the recovery period takes about 30% of total use but it depends on other factors such as age, frequency of steroid use, applied areas and race. Steroid creams can be classfied in five levels and I used the third strongest ( exactly in the middle). My skin was not strong and got seasonal allergic symptoms when I wan in elementary school. However, I was in a swimming club back then so it was not very severe at all. In junior high school, I did Judo and studied. Again, it was not severe though I got acne on face. The turning point was high school. My relationship with parents was extremly bad and this created huge pressure on me. As a result, I got quite obvious eczema. It had lasted untill I started using steroid. Many people doing TSW criticize the exsistence of the creams itself and lack of explanations from doctors which is very understandable to me. I tend to put blame on my parents. Although I have never been officially diagnosed as any mental illness, I am sure that I share some very common issues with those who have it. I have read many books and I am sure that this results from bad parenting. Therefore, my ecrema did not appear naturally but was caused artificially as far as I understand. This is my story~ (I actually do enjoy exchanging messages with you~)

  8. Hi Ahfaye please do an update of your skin when you have time. I have been a supporter of your blog and just wondering how you have been doing. Take care and lots of love and support! Loretta

  9. @Anonymous Thank you so much Loretta. the update is cominggggggggggg~~