Sausage Tree Cream Review (Month 20-21)

I have been privileged to have the opportunity to try out this natural healing cream (Sausage Tree Cream) for the past few weeks (month 20 of my TSW journey.

I have always been a fan of moisturiser withdrawal since it worked well for me and I had only used Dr Fukaya’s topical clofibrate ointment (TCO) on my face and hands only since about 12 months ago (6 months into TSW). I use nothing on my arms, body and legs (except for the time I had the impetigo infection, I used heaps of TCO). However although the TCO brought down the inflammation of skin, the thick Vaseline content always clog my pores and made my skin more itchy. I also found it thickening the skin on my hands. And my facial skin got so used to the barrier/moisturise so basically I had to keep applying it or my face will be so dry it hurt. Although it is non-steroid and considered safe to use topically, clofibrate is still a drug which I don’t quite like.

So when Marcie contacted me about trying the Sausage Tree Cream as they have had good results for eczema patients, I was, of course skeptical (as all TSWers are Smile with tongue out) at first and quickly took a look at their website. I was surprised there was only 4 ingredients in the cream. YES FOUR! So I thought ok lets do it! Since I think I have passed the oozing and bad inflammatory stages of TSW, it’s time I start to do some repairing of the skin on the surface level and instead of relying on the drug-based TCO (although I have to say the TCO saved my life with my last impetigo infection, see post: Month-18 First Colonic - Healing Crisis & Month 18 Detox Colonic - Before & After).



The tube packaging is pleasant in a handheld size of 75ml. The tube packaging made it easy to squirt out the cream in a hygienic way (instead of dabbing fingers in a jar). When there was only a little bit left, I just left the tube standing up and the cream contents all went down to the bottom and was very easy to squirt out the last tiny drops of the cream.

I started using the Sausage Tree Cream on 9 of April and finished the last drop on 4 of May 2015; so the tube lasted about 3 weeks for me. I’d say the 75ml would last around 2-4 weeks for slightly severe eczema sufferers depending on how much application one uses. I had to use a bit more on my face the first couple of days for my face to get used to as my face was so used to thick moisture of Vaseline content of the TCO previously. I applied the cream on my face, hands and sometimes my neck. I had to admit I didn’t massage the cream on my skin properly at first and after the first week or so I massaged longer and it didn’t dry up as fast. A little does go a long way if massaged well. At present, there is only 75ml tubes for sale, It would be nice to have larger volume sizes in the future for high users. I think with TSWers or slightly severe eczema sufferers would use/need more in general.

The tube labeling doesn’t disclose what ingredients there are in the cream. Although all the ingredients are listed (kigeilia africana, aloe vera, lavender and tea tree oil), I think it is not explicit enough. I know there is only 4 ingredients, but others who haven’t seen the website wouldn’t have a clue and also there is no company or website information for users to look further upon. It would be nice to have these details on the packaging in the future.


Upon first application, I had a soothing, cooling effect. It smelt nice, the combination of lavender and tea tree oil was pleasant to me. It felt very nice and my skin felt very comfortable. However, after a minute or so, after soothing comfort started to subsided and the usual itchiness and dryness came back for my face but at much less severity. My hands were fine, the comfort stayed longer on my hands. I think my face was just too sensitive. In fact to test the cream properly, I stopped using the TCO and only used the sausage tree cream on my face and I had to apply up to about 8 times (in little bits wherever it hurt on my face) for the first 2 days but still it was too dry and I ended up applying a balm with natural oils (coconut, olive, borage and rosehip) and beeswax over the cream for extra moisture. As said earlier, I think my face was just too used to the TCO Vaseline content, it took about a week for my face to get used to the sausage tree cream texture and slowly I reduced the beeswax balm.

My hands were completely fine though, I used only the sausage tree cream and it felt very nice and I had this crack on my thumb and it healed it nicely over the first week of usage. As said earlier, the TCO had kind of thickened the skin on my hands, but with the application of the sausage tree cream, the thick dead skin on my hands were actually scaling off! So I liked that as it mean new skin was regenerating underneath.


There are only 4 ingredients in the Sausage Tree Cream: Kigelia africana (sausage tree), aloe vera, lavender and tea tree oil. That was it! I wondered about how the oils and water content (aloe vera) mixed together and with no emulsifiers. And if there are water and oil content mixed why is there no preservatives for risks of bacteria and fungi formation. Marcie explained that the cream is not preserved at all because all the ingredients are oil based and aloe vera itself acts as a mild natural emulsifier, therefore, no additional emulsifiers are needed. However, due to no preservatives it leaves the cream to a short shelf life of approximately 3 years whilst there are no dangers when the ingredients expire, they do become less effective. 

For more information on the ingredients visit the website:


There is not a huge difference with my face but definitely improvements are there. The improvements of my hands are more noticeable.  Neck area, I was hoping the dark patches would go away but the cream didn’t have much effect on it. The cream worked best on my hands. I think with consistent long term use of the sausage tree cream would give better results for my face.

First day using ST (Sausage Tree) Cream

Second day using ST cream
After scratching: IMG_2526
After applying sausage tree cream:IMG_2527

Day 5 using ST cream

Day 13 using ST cream

Day 16 using ST cream


I do recommend TSWers to try this cream. I am unsure how it will be like on weepy oozing skin, but definitely works well on dry, cracked, stubborn skin like my hands. Sensitive skin areas like my face may need longer and consistent applications of the cream before results are seen. For a natural cream, I think the healing properties have been pretty fast and effective. I’d feel much safer and happy to use this natural cream long term than a chemical/drug-based cream.

Thank you Marcie once again for giving me the opportunity to try the cream. it is nice to have people develop more natural skincare products these days and are less toxin to our human body.
For more information, please visit the Sausage Tree Cream website: Kigeilia Shop and read Marcie’s guest post.

I hope all TSWers and carers are doing well. Happy healing!



Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!

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