Understanding our Lymphatic System


This is gonna be a long post but a MUST-READ. This should be bloody taught in schools alright!!! 

Source: http://thenaturalwayofhealing.com/learn-more/the-lymphatic-system/


adapted from Dr. Robert Morse’s Books: 
The Illusion Called Diseases Vol. I: The Great Lymphatic System and
The Detox Miracle Sourcebook 
(I highly recommend reading these books!)

I read that a fellow Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) warrior on the ITSAN forum who mentioned about Dr Robert Morse and healing from his detox kits in a 6-months time frame in my early TSW stages. I was interested and started researching about Dr Morse but didn’t find his work convincing as I didn’t look into it seriously (I was also geared towards the theory of healing the ‘leaky gut’/autoimmune disorder back then).

Dr Morse has healed thousands of people of all sorts of health issues through detoxification and his herbal/botanical remedies in the last 42 years of his practice. He answers people’s health questions on his Youtube channel and has many supporters. (I know, what? A Youtuber guru? Not quite what you think though Smile with tongue out) I started watching his videos and at first I was like ‘huh?’ Cos he does kind of go all over the place and I got lost. So I stopped watching them and did the leaky gut thing, enemas, colonics, paleo diets, supplements, etc and later went back to Dr Morse – seriously this time.The more I watched the more I was like:‘Hmmm yeah he makes sense…. Hmmm this guy knows his shit!....OMG he knows the TRUTH!… the answers to all dis-eases, the ultimate truth to health, vitality and life! He is the one I have come across that really knows how the human body works and WHY we get certain symptoms and HOW to deal with them. It’s actually all very simple and bloody common sense as to how our perfectly designed human body is supposed to function,repair and heal on its own! If only we treated it nicely.

I have researched a lot over these few years (esp in the last 2 years of TSW) and tried many things in the past 20+ years to find a f*cking cause of all this shit happening to my body. Dr Morse is the only one I have come across who has really GOT it. Aside from the usual therapeutic stuff I did like acupuncture, TCM, leaky gut supplements etc, I looked into many other Drs and healers like Charlotte Gerson (see Gerson Therapy), Dr Bernard Jensen (colon health), Prof Arnold Ehret (water fasting, mucusless diet healing) I tried them all (probably not properly to the book though) but I keep going back to Dr Morse I feel most comfortable with his teachings, he also talks about all the remedies I have used before too and why and how they work and don't work.

PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. NO ONE knows your body more than yourself, research the hell out of the internet, medical journals and real life experience of people and DON’T believe me, ONLY BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and what YOUR BODY is telling you. Things you find are ONLY A GUIDE, in the end YOU take the ACTION and act upon your own knowledge and wisdom.

But….. in the mean time this following extra piece of knowledge won’t hurt Smile with tongue out……..I completely agree with Dr Morse’s saying: “walk in knowledge and not in fear”. We are so scared of TSW (the detoxification process of healing – read my earlier post Making Sense of Detoxification & Healing in TSW) because we dunno WTF is going on with our body, but when we do, our anxieties diminish greatly.
Ok so here’s the answers: to why we are in pain, why we are red and inflamed, why we (freaking!!) ooze or weep yellow fluid, and why we are swelled up or have “golf ball sized” lymph nodes, why we get better and then FLARE etc - why we have all these TSW symptoms. It’s because we are over-acidic and have a BACKED-UP LYMPHATIC SYSTEM!!!

The lymphatic system: our immune system
So what about our lymphatic system? Our lymphatic system is not just the swollen lymph nodes that our doctors check around our neck when we get an infection. Did you know that 75% of our body fluids are lymphatic fluids and only 25% are blood?! We also have much more lymphatic vessels than blood vessel all over our body. So our lymphatic system is really the GREATER system, the system we all didn’t pay much attention to. And what’s more important is that our lymphatic system is the human body’s sewer system! Dr Morse says the blood is like the kitchen in the human body, it feeds the trillion cells in our body. Just like everything on this planet (e.g., a car, a dog, a plant etc) will consume energy and eliminate waste. That’s why we have a lymph system, it is the bathroom of the human body. The lymphatic system is considered to the body’s cleansing system hence a main part of our immune system (Morse, 2004). So basically, our physical body is nothing but a bunch of cells that “eat” and “poop”. We have two separate fluids that do this – the blood provides nutrition and lymph fluids that elimination the wastes respectively.
Surrounding EACH of our trillion cells are interstitial fluids, these are partly blood and lymphatic fluid so that the blood feed the cells and lymph fluids clean the cells. The blood goes back into the venous system, which goes back to the lungs and liver for more nutrition and fuel while the lymph fluids (which collect cellular wastes) flow to the lymph vessels (like sewage pipes), and then on to the lymph nodes (which are like septic tanks) and then on to the body’s eliminative organs (kidneys, colon and skin) for elimination of wastes. Isn’t the human body freaking smart?! Open-mouthed smile
The main difference between blood flowing in the circulatory system and lymph flowing in the lymph system is that we have a heart that pump the blood around, but the lymph system is passive, there is no pump.Instead, cellular waste fluids ooze into the lymph system and are pushed by normal body motions to the lymph nodes. This is like the water and sewer systems in our city, the water is actively pressurized while sewage flows by gravity (Discovery Health, 2012).
Lymph vessels: our sewage pipes 

Cellular wastes travel through lymph vessels like the sewer pipes in our house. Our kitchen has sewer pipes that carry the kitchen wastes away, and so does our body! Our blood vessels, liver, lungs, heart, etc., which is part of the “kitchen,” have sewer pipes (lymph vessels) running all through them. This is simply because all tissues (no matter which ones) are nothing but cells, which consume and eliminate, that is, “eat and poop” (Morse, 2015).
As stated, the lymph fluids surround all the cells (interstitially) and collect the wastes from cells. Some of these wastes can also be foreign proteins and harmful chemicals that have entered the body through the digestive tract (small bowels), lungs, or skin, and carried by the blood and dumped into the Lymphatic System for removal. Our spleen is a detoxifying organ to the blood, where the blood cleans itself via lymph tissue  Morse, 2004). Remember we are what we eat, drink, breathe, think, feel and put on our skin. Toxins can enter at all these realms.
Lymph nodes: our septic tanks
But but but then what happens to the waste in the lymphatic system then? They go to our lymph nodes which are like septic tanks. All wastes from houses must go into septic tanks to be broken down and neutralized as much as possible before elimination into the earth. And so it is with your body. But instead of having only one septic tank, like most houses, your body has thousands  (Morse, 2015).  Freaking smart design aye?! Open-mouthed smile
The bodies’ septic tanks are called lymph nodes. The adenoids, tonsils and appendix are good examples of lymph nodes. We have a mass of them under each arm that drains the arms and breasts. Our jaws, sternum, groin, etc. have many as well. They are everywhere. They are important for the proper elimination of cellular wastes and damaged cells (Morse, 2004).
So when we are prescribed antibiotics, to wipe out bacteria in our body (killing all bacteria in our septic tanks) what happens? Does our local council pour chemicals like bleach, in our cities septic tanks to kills the bacteria? NO. Why? Because what will break down our shit then? I mean literally, the shit we eliminate in our toilets that goes through sewage pipes and into the city’s septic tanks, what breaks down all that shit? BACTERIA! Bacteria breaks down our shit alright. We need to live in harmony with bacteria not against it. Dr Morse gives the example of someone who has their tonsils removed, will have transverse colon problems and “brain draining” (lymphatic) and sinus problems (Morse, 2004). The body is all CONNECTED it affects each and every part, we can’t just look at the one part and not everything else.
Eliminative Organs: Colon, Kidneys, Skin
So where do your cellular wastes go? We have our lymphatic system’s eliminative organs: the KIDNEYS, COLON and SKIN. If these exits are blocked, or too weak to support proper kidney function, then one’s cellular wastes will ooze out of every hole of or body! Why do you think we sweat, have mucus coming out of our nose, ooze yellow fluid, cough out green mucus etc etc when we are unwell? It’s acids coming out of our body. If we don’t eliminate, the bad news is we ACCUMULATE these acids in our body. Our bodies are the most intelligent machines on this planet and it will not accumulate anything toxic in the body it is ALWAYS self-cleansing and self-healing. Consider this, when we cut yourself, can we stop the wound healing itself? NO. It will heal itself.
Our skin is your largest eliminative organ, and it’s considered the bodies’ “3rd kidney.” When we have skin issues, it means KIDNEYS NOT FILTERING!! What controls the kidneys? ADRENAL GLANDS. Our endocrine glandular system is the government of our body. So consuming steroids (orally or topically - immunosuppressant category) shut down adrenals glands and so our kidneys stop working. Acidic filtration stops via the urine and so our third kidney (the skin) does the elimination.

The colon drains the central trunk of the body, including the brain (why a healing gut diet heals disorders like autism). However, Dr Morse,still feels the kidneys are still connected in the role of lymphatic drainage of the brain and head areas. What we eat is digested and eliminated through our large intestines (the colon), these are wastes and by-products from digestion. The lymph system also eliminates one-third or more of its wastes via the colon. Other wastes from metabolism that enter the blood and lymph system are carried to the kidneys, skin, and colon, to then be eliminated. The colon is truly the “sewer system”and must be in a state of good health in order for the whole body to be in a good state of health  (Morse, 2015). See! That’s why I had a gut feeling I must clean my colon first Smile with tongue out
Our kidneys and skin are the main players however. The colon plays a major role in its own lymphatic system, but, as said, helps some of the main trunk of the body as well. We can especially see the colons role as somewhat of a “lymph drainer” when you detoxify. This shows up as mucus in our stools  (Morse, 2015). 
As said, each kidney drains each side of the body respectively. The right kidney filters the right arm, breast, hip, ovary/testicle, and leg (lymphatically), and the same thing happens on the left side; always wonder why we have two kidneys? Smile with tongue out Dr Morse gives the example of when we see a tumor in the right breast, it means there is a blockage in the right kidney! Dr Morse says the blockage is always in the kidneys, colon and/or skin. Tumors are not “blood clots,” they are “lymph clots!” It’s that simple (Morse, 2015).  Doesn’t this make more sense? It does for me Open-mouthed smile
Dr Morse also emphasize that the homosapiens raised on meat and other proteins, at least two times per day, have chronic kidney weaknesses and GI tract problems. Those who drink or eat a lot of dairy products generally have low thyroid function and a highly congested lymphatic system, which affects one’s ability to sweat! The skin, being the body’s largest eliminative organ, must be allowed (and encouraged) to sweat  (Morse, 2015). .

The thyroid controls fevers, which creates sweating and allows the skin to eliminate the body’s wastes more effectively. Body heat, especially fevers, is the body’s way to increase the elimination of cellular wastes. If one cannot sweat, then this backs up the lymphatic system, creating lymphatic stagnation, especially subcutaneously (under top layer). Dr Morse believes “kidney weakness is by far one of the biggest problems that modern man faces and is the root cause of 95% of man’s illnesses” (Morse, 2015).

Dr Morse stresses that knowing if that we have kidney filtration is easy, we just need cloudy urine (urine with sediments), the cloudy sediments means our kidneys are filtering toxins/cellular wastes out, SO our third kidney (the skin) doesn’t need to do the elimination! Dr Morse also highlight that drinking lots of water to keep the urine clear does not improve kidney function, nor does it move your lymphatic system more effectively when ones kidneys have lost their filtering ability (ability to function).

Check out Nichlas Brandon's (certified detoxification specialist, student of Dr Morse) site he has excellent information on health and Dr Morse’s work. This page he outlines with pictures what urine should look like when kidneys are filtering: http://www.grapegate.com/urine-sediment 

Mark Gordon (certified detoxification specialist, student of Dr Morse) have some great videos to explain these concepts too:
So conclusion would be we are so 'sick' because we have interstitial lymphatic constipation and non-filtering kidneys. There could be other things happening too like weak adrenals etc but the main problem is stagnant lymph interstitially (between the cells and cell walls) and kidney filtration issue. For more information please visit Dr Morse's youtube channel and his student's sites.

Below I have drawn up a chart illustration hoping to get these ideas around my head and hopefully it makes sense to you all. I am not a official student of Dr Morse, the following illustration is kind of my study notes from what I have learnt here and there from his videos and books. There could be errors or limited information. For those who understand Dr Morse’s detoxification work and can spot any errors, please let me know.

For a PDF clearer version: click here




Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!

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