Month 27–good month!

This month has been a active month! I”ve started running!!! Move that lymph baby!!!


Not bad I built up to running 5kms over 2 months Smile


Still transitioning to a raw vegan diet. That smoothie looks good doesn't it? Smile


Been having more healthy teas like goji berry with burdock

At night goji berry, jujube berry/red date and longan dried fruit tea which really relaxes the mind and body at night. You can grab the recipe here:

Be sure to use pitted red dates/jujube berry as my grandma says ones with pits in them has a different effect on the body it provokes heat in the body instead of calming the body.

Skin still healing well. Think it’s cos I am moving lymph well and eating healthy Smile WHen I go out and feel like it I draw in some brows lol

I also started making soap!! I have been making my own creams and the suppliers I get ingredients for supply lots of soap ingredients so I looked into soap making and watch tons of videos on Youtube. OMG I’m so addicted to this new hobby now lol. I have never like soap as it’s always gave me an impression of drying out skin and makes “eczema” worse. I never used soap as doctors told me not to use it too and prescribed me other crap. But handmade soaps are soooooo different! I do hot process soap (i.e., I cook my soap instead of leaving it to cure itself (cold process)) so I control the superfat content and make sure I add natural nourishing oils in it and it’s sooooooooo freaking good! LOL it really doesn’t dry out my skin

Rose and Lavender
Lemon Eucalyptus
Lychee Black Tea
Passionfruit, Green Apple, Strawberries
and Champage & Strawberry

That's it this month!

Happy healing everyone!



Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!


  1. Hello
    How is your skin now. Did you stick with the raw vegan diet?I'm on month 5 and as you know do not wish this on my worst enemy. I searched water fasting and TSW and your site came up. With the experience you have would you say the water fasting was very beneficial or a little helpful.
    Also did weird stuff come out on the lonf fast you did in the beginning. Like the mucoid plaque that I have seen others expel. I thoroughly believe that my colon is suffocating with toxins. I too have been thinking that raw vegan is the way to go as well. I do eat some of this now and make nut milks and other stuff.
    Thankyou for making your site and showing your photos,as you are helping so many others.
    ox cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl, thanks for your comment. Yup I am still on vegan diet but not always raw. It's very hard!!! I make myself have 2 fruit smoothies and a green juice though and that has definitely help with inflammation. On days I don't do this, unhealed areas are sore. Water fasting is very beneficial for health in general I think. Please read Prof Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Diet Healing System on page 147 he talks about Fasting specially, I uploaded a copy here:

      Please be VERY ORGANISED when doing a fast. How you start and how you break it is crucial and can be dangerous if you are not wise in breaking the fast. If you are unsure I recommend doing it supervised at a water fast clinic, great there are available in the US.

      I had mucoid plaque (little) come out on day 12 and day 21 on my first water fast (I did a total of 25 day water only fast). It was very hard to eliminate and I think getting the bowels cleaned via herbs is better than a water fast. I take Dr Morse's GI Broom now and Stomach & Bowels to clear my toxins. His herbs are great, they clean between the bowel walls, remember they are sooo many layers after years of crap I have put in my body and not eliminated. I think water fasting and colonics don't clean between the bowel walls hence I think herbs are better.

      Awesome you are moving towards raw vegan, your body and experience will tell you of its benefits :)

      Happy healing dear xxx