Month 28 & 29: Survived another healing crisis!

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This was the month where I spent two rolls of paper towels to soak off ooze off my face and hands. Yeerrrp. Damn I had a lot of lymphatic sewage / cellular poop there! It was just devastating I hit this healing crisis as I had things moving quite well the last few months. Aside from the physical detox symptoms, I had lots of emotional detox symptoms going on as well this round, depression and anger mainly.


What things might have triggered the healing crisis? (read up on my healing crisis post)

So obviously there were more toxins in my body getting stirred up too fast for my eliminative organs (kidneys mainly) to filter out in time, hence the big BOOM on my “third kidney” - the skin. This is the main reason, so the question really is - what stirred up the toxins too fast for my eliminative organs to filter out? Here are some of the things I took note of:

  1. I got lazy and stopped running for 2 weeks (was moving lymph consistently then suddenly stopped)
  2. I started eating more junk (acidic/mucus-forming food e.g. hummus, gluten-free bread, vegan meat, cooked foods)
  3. I got lazy and skipped my herbal dosages on some days (Dr Morse’s herbs – will do another post on this later)
  4. Negative thinking (toxic thoughts)
  5. Unsupportive network (people giving their “medical advice” for me to heal faster *roll eyes*)


Month 29: Coming out of the healing crisis

What helped me move OUT of the healing crisis?
  • high fruit in-take
  • moving lymph
  • herbs
  • emotional release
  • ear candling/coning
  • better sleep
****  without doing these things, my healing crisis will end anyways as the body heals itself but I saw drastic quick changes when I did these things this month (before I was oozing, it died down a bit and started again)
My healing crisis course lasted quite long, over a month. I was bed bound again for about 2 weeks and 3rd week I got a bit better then oozing started again! I got very depressed and angry at everything, everyone! I had a heated argument with my husband one night (emotional detox/release, which was actually good looking back, we both held a lot of things inside us that needed to be addressed).

I got motivated again after calming down for a few days after the big emotional release then I went high on fruit intake – I ate about 1 kg of (frozen) mangoes and 500g of blueberries each day for about 2-3 days and I saw drastic improvements in my skin and in my sleep patterns - I got myself back!

Obviously I wasn't sleeping well during my healing crisis days and since the ooze dried up I finally got to sleep and once I slept better, my skin just healed so quickly. Remember our body also recuperates and detoxifies during our sleep. From 9pm to 11pm it's our lymphatic drainage time and 11pm to 1am is liver and kidney's detox time. Essential for skin healing. I remember all my Traditional Chinese herbalists used to say to me I have to be in deep sleep by 9pm but they never explained WHY. See Detoxification schedule of human body organs during sleep in my previous post

I also bought a heap of natural beeswax ear candle and used those every 2-3 days and 1-2 per ear for 2 weeks consistently to drain out lymph fluid and get things moving. I started re-taking the herbs more religiously. I think the high in fruit, ear candling, herbs really started to move that stagnant lymphatic sewage in my head/face area down to the kidneys to filter again.

High in fruit meals and raw veges really kicked off the stagnant lymph moving! Some meals I had


Ear candling/coning (sorry rather gross photos below)

I am NOT SURE if all that brown stuff is wax/debris from my ears OR from the candle itself, but as you can see each time it’s different . My husband (tho no photo) also likes the relief he gets from ear candling and the stuff he gets out is different to mine. His stuff is much less than mine, less than half of my yucky stuff. So what does that mean? It means it’s not from the candle? We both used the same type of candles each time we did ear candling/coning.

I know some people are  against it. I don’t care LOL it has worked for me and my recommendation is to just bloody try it yourself and see for yourself instead of listening to other people. Your own experience and listening to how your body responds to it is the biggest evidence, not what others say. Just be careful with the fire, safety etc. Do it as per instructions and get candles made from natural ingredients.

What I think ear candles do to MY EARS is that it kind of DEHUMIDIFIES my ears, it draws out the moisture (stagnant lymph fluid) so sinuses can flow better. I can breathe better and sleep better that night. Same for my husband! I don’t care what comes out, we definitely feel better after the candling session. We only get comfort and relief from ear candling/coning during and after the session. PERIOD.


Kidney filtration

I had about a penny-size of sediment blob in my urine last month  after waiting 24 hours and since getting out to of the healing crisis - after so much lymph sewage/acidosis has left my body - wooah I had so much kidney filtration/sediments in my urine afterward just 1 hour!! The bottom of the jar was very cloudy, at least 10-15 times more sediments than my previous!! You seriously don’t know how excited I was to see my pee look like that  wlEmoticon-smilewithtongueout2wlEmoticon-smilewithtongueout2wlEmoticon-smilewithtongueout2  Those who embark on the detoxification journey will understand. Sorry, if this is too much information for some, but this is seriously KEY to HEALTH (kidney filtration).

Kidney filtration illustrated in our urine should look like this:

Feeling much better as things start to move and filter….

IMG_5623_thumb11IMG_5624_thumb4 IMG_5724_thumb5

Yes I lost some hair (right top hairline) because so much ooze was stuck on my small hairs, my hairline and when I tried to untangle it I just pulled out lots of hair wlEmoticon-sadsmile2 oh wells, yah know what? it grows back! I have proved so! wlEmoticon-smilewithtongueout2[1]

Hands still pretty inflamed but at least not as sore and cracked

Since the above protocols I have been pretty good. My skin is very smooth (though wrinkly, still lots of cellular regeneration work to do!) but I am so so so much more comfortable and I can now wearing summer clothes again and finally can be myself and enjoy life again wlEmoticon-winkingsmile2  Skin is much more “healed”/ normal-looking compared to previous months prior the healing crisis. See next month, Month 30 photos

Don’t be afraid of a healing crisis!

So yeah guys don’t be afraid of a healing crisis. When you understand what it is, you won’t be afraid. Although I have to admit, it may take us several healing crisis experiences to understand it fully and not just reading about what it is. For me it really was only this time round I really truly understood it and I can say I will not be afraid of it next time round.

Please don’t suppress the symptoms with antibiotics or any drug!!! Trust your body’s own healing mechanism. Remember my severe impetigo infection (see photos on this post) I healed with NO ANTIBIOTICS. Everyone told me to get antibiotics, I was soooo close to getting a prescription. Thank God I didn’t. My body knows what she is doing wlEmoticon-openmouthedsmile2

Happy healing everyone. Love you all wlEmoticon-redheart2


Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!

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