MONTH 30 (2nd half): A Cleansing Fun Month


Please do your own research and consult with your healthcare professional before you undergo any dietary and herbal cleanses

Happy New 2016 everyone!!! I hope your detoxification journey is going well.


I started my January 2016 with a good cleanse. I was lucky to have found a Facebook group who the Admin knows Dr Robert Morse’s work well and ran the group close to his values for detoxification. The group was very flexible and had 3 levels for people follow and support each other on:
Level 1: liquid cleanse (juice and broths/pureed soups at night)
Level 2: smoothies and raw vegan
Level 3: cooked vegan or, eliminate dairy, meat, eggs

I confess, I  jumped the levels a bit throughout the 21 days of cleanse. Oh wells I learnt to listen to my body hahahaha. For the first week, I juiced and had soups at night. For the second week, I tried to water fast cos juicing got stressful at times with family life and cleaning up. Well the water fast only lasted 3 days Smile with tongue out Last week I had some fruit meals when I was out and mainly tried to stick back to juicing.

My first glass of freshly cold pressed apple juice to start my morning of the 21-day cleanse Open-mouthed smile

How to survive a juice cleanse when you still need to cook for family? 

Keep your juice with you AT ALL TIMES and sip away every time you want to eat or have cravings. SELF-DISCIPLINE is also very important of course. Remember to go for your health goal not for the momentary taste that doesn’t last. Here I made my boys red cargo rice sushi with cucumber and vegan (soy based) ham


Making a vegetable broth Smile  My style - just chuck everything in Smile with tongue out


I tried to stick to mono fruit juicing cos it was just easier for me and cheaper I thought. This one is pure NZ orange juice sooooooooo sweet!!


Raw honey lemon juice water – Master cleanse recipe


Wateremelon juice!


After 3 days water fasting. I stopped. I was weak and my fingers started to cramp I freaked out (this is what happened on my very first 26 day water fast – the cramping) as I have had severe cramping experiences before I didn’t want to put myself in that state again, just in case, so I broke the fast with a few cherries.

The next day I went back to juice and made my first green juice on the cleanse. Usually I would stick to fruits as fruits clean the body more than veges. Veges build the body more.


Pure watermelon juice again Smile Divine-ness!


My first run on a juice cleanse!! It was pretty good. No fainty feelings it was the 2nd week of my cleanse though, my body would have adjusted well. I dunno how people can run more than 5Ks tho lol I think I will get there one day Smile


New Zealand Long Bay Beach Smile Awesome weather today.


These passion fruit were from my garden, overgrown hanging on our fence every year from our next door neighbours kekekekeke. They smelt sooo good, but I scooped them out and froze them for smoothies later after the cleanse.



I didn’t have any smoothies during the cleanse and was dying to have one by now! So I broke my cleanse with a icy cold berry smoothie Smile I, of course, added the frozen passion fruit in it too Open-mouthed smile


Tried to stick with fruit meals and raw salads after the cleanse – at least the first week!



First time putting on make up again in a long time – just brows drawn and BB cream on. Holding a mango and nectarine smoothie breakfast Smile Today I went to Goat Island with family, It was packed with people as it was holiday weekend for us. Another beautiful sunny day for us Sun


New Zealand Goat Island 


I got knocked out by the BIG wave I wasn’t expecting and got all wet sooooo lucky I save my phone LMAO


After a long hot day some raw spinach, red capsicum, and spicy soy vegan meat - not the best food but occasionally ok for a transitioning to raw plan Smile with tongue out


All dressed up for a girlfriends hen’s night!!! First time putting full on make up again! When taking photos lighting makes so much different. You can’t really see much “bad skin” in the first photo. But second you can see all my wrinkles!!. Just to show you guys I still have lots of regeneration and detoxification work to keep doing!! Yes we can regenerate every singe cell in our body through detoxification Open-mouthed smile 


After a fun night this is what happens to my face when I drink alcohol Crying face but it was still worth it LOL. Hey I haven’t had alcohol for sooooo long and it was a hen’s night!! Smile with tongue out But yeah reminds me how my body just doesn’t take alcohol well. But maybe the make up too, still figuring if it was the make up too.


Other raw meals I have: cos lettuce and sundried tomatoes, watermelon (fruit meals), smoothies, raw vege nori wraps… RAW VEGAN can be colourful and yummy!

You can eat fruit as a MEAL as much as you want! Fruit is what we are suppose to eat (see my post on All About Diet) we are NOT caveman species, we are TROPICAL SPECIES! so make your fruit MEALS not a snack Smile 


Off to my friend’s wedding!! First night out with hubby in FOREVER! Leaving 2 boys with grandparents for the first time this long (6 hours) Smile with tongue out



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Here’s a smoothie for everyone to have great health! Go for total health, happiness and freedom!


Yes more watermelon meals LOL



My parasite cleanse!! Yes I look pretty sick in that pic. But you know what, any day I would choose cold and flu-like symptoms, weakness, exhaustion, even diarrhea! OVER oozing, itching, insomnia, constant anxiety and agitation!!! LOL so parasite die-off symptoms were NOTHING and a LUXURY for me! as I got to SLEEP ALL DAY!  Those symptoms forced me to rest.

Well not exactly, my 3 year old was sick that day too (first day my parasite die-off symptoms kicked in) and stayed home and had to take care of him too but it wasn’t that bad (except washing poop off his undies x 3 – we are toilet training him….) but yeah we basically just laid on the couch all day and I tell you, we had never the TV on for that long STRAIGHT ever Rolling on the floor laughingLaughing out loudRolling on the floor laughingLaughing out loud


The parasite capsules I took were Kroeger Herb Wormwood Combination. I would usually get Dr Morse’s herbs from Australia but I was kind of desperate for the cleanse as I had lot of fungal symptoms like itchy eyes and ears (sinuses) after drinking alcohol and eating some junk after my cleanse. I haven’t had itchy eyes for a long time so I knew something was going on. I was soooo addicted to potato chips too, like I would eat 1 full bag in one sitting. I knew these cravings were parasites so I found this brand to have these herbs; these are the main herbal combos you’d look for in a parasite cleansing formula are:
- Black Walnut Hulls (from the black walnut tree)
- Wormwood (from the Artemisia shrub)
- Common Cloves (from the clove tree)

Black walnut hull and wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites. Cloves kill the eggs. It is said that these mains herbs used together will get rid of parasites.
For those interested you can read Parasite Die-Off, What to Expect

That’s it for this long update. Thanks for checking in on me.

You guys take care too! Happy healing everyone Smile



Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!

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