Throw back: Trip to Goldcoast


Morning walk then had a buffet breakfast and ate watermelon like f*cking crazy LMAO


At the Sky Point Observation Deck



So grateful for hair growing back but that annoying flying piece that sticks out right


Super love this new top I got Smile


Sea World - String rays and baby dolphines Red heartIMG_8514IMG_8504

Pig out on fruit. Fruit is amazing in Goldcoast I still can’t get over their red riped watermelons….!!!!!


Out in the pool soaking it all up


You just keep taking selfies when you start loving yourself all over again puhahhahahah. Self love is KEY to healing Open-mouthed smile Love yourself and make an effort to feel good at any moment despite the conditions we are in!


My skin is radiant first thing in the morning. OMG I haven’t had this for a long time. Feeling Good about yourself is key key key to healing. I find that whatever we do doesn't matter, it’s how we FEEL when we do it that matters that makes a HUGE difference in our health and wellbeing.


Tring to stay raw as much as I can SmileIMG_8415

At Movie World – selfie with my superman who had been by myside during the hardest time Red heartIMG_8617

Movieworld. Love the stunt show. AMAZING drifters.52535455

My 3yo cheeky lil boy57

We only ended up going to Sea World and Movie World for that one week but was still amazing.  It was pretty tiring taking a 5yo and 3yo on a overseas trip but we had LOTS of fun Open-mouthed smile

Heading back home Smile We’ll be BACK!!!



Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!

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