Photos 2013

Now knowing what TSW is, I will survive the whole journey and heal fully!!!! Initially I WATER FASTED (for 25 days) thinking this would be my cure to eczema but after I started eating again my flares came up again, later I found out about Red Skin Syndrome/Topical Steroid Withdrawal!

So my eczema got worse because the day I started water fasting was the day I also stopped topical steroids, hence the Red Skin Syndrome/Topical Steroid Withdrawal symptoms were popping up. 

Fasting actually helped flatten my eczema, as you can see the bumps have disappear and turned into red flat skin later... until I started eating again and things just went down hill from then... 

15 July 2013 - Day 1 water fast & TSW

18 July 2013- Day 3 water fast & TSW

notice how lumpy my hands have become over the years with constant steroid usage vs. 2009 hands in above photos 

Day 7 water fast & TSW

Day 8 water fast & TSW
bumps on forehead have flattened. I thought yay! water fasting is helping my eczema.....

Day 10 water fast & TSW

Day 11 water fast & TSW
Starting to flare around the neck hmm.... i thought

Day 12 water fast & TSW

Day 13 water fast & TSW
Still very red and patchy on face. Weight is dropping on average about 0.5kg a day when water fasting

Day 15 water fast & TSW

Day 16 water fast & TSW

Day 17 water fast & TSW

Day 19 water fast & TSW

Day 20 water fast & TSW
Eyes starting to get swollen due to itching, lack of sleep and TSW symptoms 

Day 21 water fast & TSW

Day 23 water fast & TSW

Day 2 and Day 18 water fast & TSW
see lumps going away just redden hand

Day 24 water fast & TSW

Day 25  water fast & TSW. I ended the water fast today - see my smile I was so eager to eat again!

Redness started to spread to shoulders and arms at this point

Hands seem to be improving. Redness there but not as lumpy any more

Day 26 

Day 28 

Day 37 

Day 46 
Swollen eyes :( Emotional day 

Check out my red sleeves

 Day 55 of TSW
this photo scares the shit outta me! with my eyes shown it will scare u more!

Day 58

Day 59

 Day 60

Day 63

Day 69

Days 67 and 69



  1. What did you eat when you after you completed your first water fast?

  2. @Mike Lee, Hi Mike, I had a diluted vegetable juice of apple and carrot then later I ate an tomato. I didn't break the fast well enough, the next few days I had pieces of fruit, crackers and miso soup. Next time I would go on fruit juices and high water content fruits for a week first.