Month 9 starting tomorrow

I have a lots to say, but not now I need to write my thesis! So I will just give a more detailed update later.

Quick update:
  • I have trialed Dr. Fukaya’s Topical Clofibrate ointment (CFO). It is working good so far after 3 weeks of usage
  • I have eaten my allergic foods: dairy and some nuts. I have noticed flaring (flaring at neck, chest, and fold of legs). But Clofibrate ointment has controlled it by SUPPRESSING my flares. I not sure what effects this has in long run. Since flaring due to allergic reaction are natural symptoms by my body and suppressing it…. I don’t really like the idea but it will do for now as I don’t wanna spend time investigating yet as I need to concentrate on my thesis
  • I am only using ointment on my face mostly. I do use it on my hands, left arm and fold of leg occasionally
  • I got fed up with insomnia and no energy to do my thesis the next day so I opt for real sleeping pills – Zopiclone 7.5mg. I took these since 25 Mar (same day I started using CFO). Sleep, how much I missed you baby!!! I hope to wean these off once I hand in my thesis
  • I am still using Dr. Fukaya’s lotion daily, I sometimes forget
  • Still taking supplements
  • Still doing moisturiser withdrawal for most parts of my body


I was so excited to get the CFO and I knew it had vaseline content in it so I started putting on vaselin on my face just 2 days prior to using CFO and it made my face very itchy and it was flaring more.  See the first 2 pics it was bad from my previous pics from last post.

Once I started the CFO it brought down the inflammatory quickly. I hardly bleed now when I slap my face. Yes I still do slap my face as the itch never improved with the ointment in fact I think sometimes it made it more itchier.  I still weep a little after intense scratching of my face but it’s is much much better. I have an anxiety to all this suppression healing tho…..

So collage shows a series of pics from prior CFO usage to 21 days of usage (today) TSW month 8½+ (days 250 to 274 ). the yellow number is the day I have used CFO. Must I stress with Zopiclone it gave me decent amount of sleep each night which definitely helps with healing for me (see my previous post).



Hands was flaring pretty bad a week prior to using CFO and it dramatically improved. At first I wanted to use CFO on left hand only and keep right hand as per usual, doing moisturiser withdrawal; but my face was pretty itchy at times and I kept rubbing it with both hands and I got the CFO on my right hand too so…. can’t really do the comparison anymore.

Sorry I have no time to add captions to my pics! from left to right, you can see my hands flaring prior to CFO. The pic with the CFO container lid is day 1 and day 2 then the last set of hands is day 21 (today). AND I did not use CFO daily on my hands.

Usage of CFO: I only used it daily I think in week 1 of starting CFO on my hands then as soon as I saw improvements I just didn’t, I think it’s a just cos I’m lazy and I’m so used to moisturiser withdrawal but for face I use it at least twice a day now. I applied up to 4 times a day for my face initially and hand 1-2 times a day.


With arms, I only applied CFO on left arm and the comparison of the two is pretty much the same. they look the same not sure if the photo does justice. but then I don’t use CFO on my arms daily so it’s hard to say. I will from today and try to figure out if there is a dramatic difference.



I starting taking Zopiclone 7.5mg from 25 March that night (day I started using CFO) and till now. I have good sleep each night (I still wake up in the middle of the night but fall back asleep after some scratching, tossing and turning etc) but I think I have at least 6 hours of sleep now. It’s crazy I take the pill at 7:30/8pm and go to sleep no later than 9:30pm and wake up around 4 hours later (from time I fall asleep) then take awhile to fall back asleep then I get up around 6am to start the day.

I believe my skin healed so fast because of the Clofibrate ointment AND decent sleep each night. I don’t wanna give all the credit to the ointment as I know my skin heals dramatically with good sleep on its on (see my previous post). But the combo… has done fucking wonders! Open-mouthed smile

That’s it for now.

I want to complain less, focus on healing and be compassionate to others all through TSW.

Happy healing warriors!

ahfaye xxx


Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!


  1. You look FABULOUS!!! Keep it up warrior!

  2. WOW!!!! YOu look amazing. So happy for you to have some relief at last. Xxxx

  3. Great to hear from you Afaye!. You're looking much better. I'm glad to hear that you're sleeping a little. I found that I could almost get used to all the suffering but sleep was always in shortage and makes everything else harder to take. I tried the moisturizer withdrawal with no luck. My body screamed for it, but I have cut it down a great deal in the last few weeks. In fact I'll be at 18 months soon and I feel like I really turned a corner. Still using Hydroxyzyne to sleep better but it's much improved. Days are only filled with a few bouts of itching with mostly total relief. Still struggling with my feet and wrists and face and scalp, but for the first time in a year and a half the skin on my torso feels like skin and not like plastic. Also finally have got rid of all the swelling in my feet and neck and almost have no swollen lymph nodes. It's a long road and the victories are small and far between, but they add up. Good luck with your thesis. Wishing you relief and restful nights.
    Love, Cory

  4. Are you nervous of the side effects of the Clofibrate? You look great!

    1. thanks Jen. yes definitely nervous but can't help to test the ointment myself. i am only using it once a day now as the ointment is making my skin pretty itchy. slow improvements since this last blog post, think the ointment has "done it's job" with teh inflammatory side and not helpoing much with renewing skin? dunno have to keep observing. hope u are well :) x

  5. Oh wow that transformation of your face is AMAZING! Glad to see things are looking up for you sweetie :) xx

    1. thanks Jenny!!! yes it has been a amazing transformation already, can't wait to see what it's like in a year's time when i'm nearly fully healed - hopefully! hope the herpeticum has eased down for you now. happy healing warrior! xxx

  6. Wooooowww Going to have to try that! So glad you are seeing improvement and feeling better!!! xxx

    1. Yes definitely worth a try Ruby! thanks I hope you are doing well too :) xxx

  7. Hi Ahfaye, so glad you're seeing improvements! Thank you for sharing your experience :) xxx

    1. Thanks Tommy, it was your research I read along with Dr Fukaya's blog that I decided to try this! so thank YOU so much! :) Hope you are doing well xxx

  8. Replies
    1. Hey Karina, i'm about to die in stress with my thesis!!! haha I am rushing it off to be submitted next month and with babies and TSW going on at the same time... I just can't cope some days but I can't quit and just keep going sigh. TSW wise I just have no freaking time to think about it as I have to manage coping with daily activities. I saw some of your photos, tough ride right now for you right? but look ahead and keep going, things will get better slowly. my face has gotten better and body is 80% healed, hands arms probably 70%. I will update my progress fully once I submit my thesis. take care Karina x

  9. Hi Ahfaye. I am a Japanese guy going through TSW. It has been almost six months since I started this journey. Sometimes I feel down but your blog lifts me up!!! Thank you !

  10. I HAVE TRIED Clofibrate po which is now japan and to tell the works very.much !!recent.trend against to topical.immunosupresdive agent which might cause deceasing Th1 cell activities and worrying about subsequent.cancer risk and other disease so Dr Fukayas perspective of Th2 cell.cytokine sream is,topical.and very.important the natural.relieves.of hyperimmnuactivity does.not ocuur.unless.suitable.protective surfce is really wanna try when it is certified.for.prescription insulance . VERY GREAT OUTCOME AND TGANK YOU FORSHARING from Tokyo as a peditrician

  11. @Anonymous Great other clinicians are supporting non-immunosuppressant drugs like the clofibrate ointment for skin conditions. It really saved me from my horrific impetigo infection last month! Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

  12. @Anonymous hello Japanese guy :) Congrats for being 6 months off steroids! I'm glad my experience helps you. Keep going dude!! xxx