Month 18: Detox colonics–before & after

This is a follow-up post from previous posts:
  1. Month 18: My 10-day Water Fast
  2. Month 18: First colonic & healing crisis

Day 1 of 4-days colon detox

Skin is still very inflamed but at least it not oozing as much now. I used like 3 rolls of paper towels numerous tops, pants and towels to soak off ooze daily. I couldn't believe I had to go back to bed bound stage at 18 months into TSW but it really was just bad luck I caught the impetigo and the colonic irrigation really stirred up my toxins floating around my body like crazy!

Day 3 of 4-days colon detox

With help of the clofibrate ointment, skin is finally looking a lot calmer, drier, but scaling and peeling like CRAZY!!!! Vacuuming twice day is back again!!!

Day 4 of 4-days colon detox

Arms are still sore but much much better compared to last week. The first photo is the fold of my right arm. The creases look very sore but it wasn't that bad. I had these creases on my under arms and THAT was bloody sore!!

Passing mucoid plaque out

This could be too much information for some :P but i think it is important to mention. I had about 2-5 daily bowel movement a day during the 4 day detox. it wasn't bad at all. I would either do my bowel motion first thing in morning or in the evenings. My poop became darker and darker each day and lighter colour poop would be in between. My colon hydrotherapist said that's the old crap blocking the new crap passing through, that's why my skin was so bad. I had heapsss of new and old crap stuck in my colon needing to come out! And I had daily bowel motion prior the detox... so you can see how sticky the toxins can be to our colon even though I was pooping everyday, there was still so much stuff that I didn't poop out! This is to do with my mucus-forming and low fiber diet and bad lifestyle (I will probably write another post on this). So finally on the 4th day of my detox I passed out some nasty shit (literally). The stuff in Google images when you Google mucoid plaque and no I won't be posting a photo of my crap here LOL. But that is only one layer. There are many layers of this mucoid plaque in our colon so I will be stripping it down one by one!

And now the AFTER 4-day detox photos!!


1 day after 4-days colon detox

Feeling a bit more normal today after 2 weeks of hell!!


2 days after 4-days colon detox

I haven’t had such good complexion for soooooooooooooooooooooo long. Even my husband was like OMG it’s like you’ve got foundation on!!! Open-mouthed smile
Arms and legs were healing fast too but legs were soooooooooo badly scarred Crying faceno more shorts for summer Crying faceCrying faceCrying face

3 days after 4-days colon detox (marks Month-19 Day-1 of TSW)

Skin continues to get better! Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileCan you see my eyebrows starting to grow back? Smile

I am starting my second round of 4-day colon detox on the 19th February. My colon hydrotherapist says there are many layers of mucoid plaque in the colon and the purpose of the colonic irrigation and herbs in her 4-day detox is to strip down those layers one by one which was built by many years of bad food, bad lifestyle, stresses and trauma. This requires a lot of work. Not just one or two detoxes will get this shit out. I’m looking forward to getting more crap (toxins) out of my colon so my skin has better chance of healing!

Photos for before and after comparison of colonic detox



Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!


  1. wow what a difference! I may try this!!

  2. faye!!! you're looking SO MUCH BETTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! i'm so happy for you!!!!!!! :)))))))) i hope you continue to heal in this direction and get done with TSW already!!! *hugs* you did realllllly well all this while!


  3. Sorry now i see the comments about the crap that came out of you. Still curious about the raw vegan diet though.

    1. Thanks Cheryl. Yeah lots of crap came out during this detox phase. Read my post on All about Diet: Just try a raw vegan diet and high on fruits for a week and then go back to ur normal diet. Your body will tell you how it feels :) Happy healing xxx