Month-18: My 10 Day Water Fast

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I DO NOT recommend ANYONE to do a UNSUPERVISED water fast by themselves. It could be very dangerous. Please consult with a health practitioner before you decide on doing a water fast.

During my month-18 of TSW I decided to do another water fast. I was hoping to exceed my previous 26-day one I did back in Month-1 of my TSW journey but I only lasted 10 days this time haha. However, it was still very good. I had some very good positive effects after the fast. So I did this on 13th January and ended it on the 23rd January.

The water fast allowed most of my energy to be shifted towards detox and healing use. When we eat throughout the day, we use up a lot of our energy to digest the food. Many people also don’t eat easily-digestible foods such as fruits but harder to digest foods such as meat so we end up using a lot of energy digesting food and not to mention a big portion of our energy is occupied by our central nervous system constantly, so this leaves very little energy for detoxing and healing on a daily basis. So doing a water fast, shuts down the digestive system and uses this energy for healing the body (Ehret, 2011).

During my water fast, my skin calmed down completely. I was very calm and mentally alert. I remembered tasks much more easily and did not get angry 98% of the time! Whereas pre-water fasting I got ticked-off very easily. I was quite irritable in general with the littliest things.

My hunger went away very fast on the water-only fast. However, my cravings for food persisted throughout the fast. I was constantly thinking about food!!!! To deal with these, I just tried to rest, meditate and chant. I also watched YouTube videos and books on water fasting to keep me motivated throughout the day and learnt a lot from them. I still had to cook dinner for my family, which was hard but to my surprise I very much enjoyed making those meals. I don’t know why. Maybe because I was just much more clear minded on the water fast.

I had lots of love and compassion for my family during my water fast. I was much more willing to clean the house and tidy up compared to getting annoyed about the mess pre-fasting. Even though I wasn’t able to eat, I made meals I never cooked for my family before. I was more “creative”, I would learn how to make different foods like Vietnamese rice rolls and prepare more healthier meals for my family even though I didn’t eat one bit of it. I made healthy salad rice rolls, home-made baked fried and fish cakes, sushi and fruit meals for my hubby and boys Smile


Detox symptoms during water fast I experienced:

  • Bloating and gas
  • Tummy cramps (few days only, however last 26-day fast this symptom never left from day 7 to day26!)
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness when getting out of bed too fast
  • Cravings for food
  • Dark yellow urine (sometimes very foamy) – means my kidneys are filtering toxins!
  • Vivid dreams – crocodiles chasing me and spiders coming out of my vagina. yah pretty F-ed up aye
  • Itchy skin at times
  • Insomnia at times

Skin during water fast:

Back of legs healed very quickly, near the end of fast I almost had normal skin! *sorry no photos just of face later Sad smile


Breaking a more than 3-day water fast is extremely important hence supervision is recommended

I broke my water fast on bone broth Sad smile I know! not the best food. I just couldn’t resist that day I was making it for my family. It wasn’t the heavy overnight broths, it was the Chinese herbal ones so it was pretty light. I had two bowls of it and stopped and went to get watermelon and had that for the day. I had fruit and salads the next few days then went back on a Paleo diet.


Benefits I noticed after my water fast:
  • Skin improving
  • Vision has sharpened!! (loved this one!)
  • Happier person in general
  • Digestion improved
  • Sleep improved

And then SHIT happens….. shitshit[9]shit[18]shit

My skin suddenly got pretty bad as you can see from photos below. What I didn't realize was it was the start of my horrific IMPETIGO infection. I caught the infection from my 2-year old which he caught at daycare…. I had weepy scabs starting on my face (hair line) and legs (thigh area) and arms. I thought it was another flare until I saw that my 2-year had very similar symptoms to my ones and then I did a simple search online (as I just had a gut-feeling it was some kind of infection he caught at daycare), I found impetigo. FUCK. My 2-year old’s infection was just spreading soooo fast, I was hesitant on the use of antibiotics but he just needed it. So we took him to the doctors and grabbed some antibiotic ointment and oral liquid antibiotics. His infection went down in a week or so but poor thing he has so much scars now!!! Broken heart

But his infection and scarring was NO WHERE near my ones….. I have to write another separate blog post on this cos I did a colonic after the day I took the photos below and that brought on a major healing crisis for me…. bringing me back to bed bound day like early months of TSW Crying faceCrying faceCrying face

See my next post for details of my roller coaster ride in healing my impetigo infection in my month-18th of TSW.



Ehret, Arnold. (2011). Mucusless Diet Healing System: Scientific Method of Eating Your Way to Health. [Place of publication no identified]: Snowball Publishing


Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!

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