Month 18: First colonic & healing crisis

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Not knowing I had already caught the impetigo infection (see previous post), I was scheduled to do my first colon cleanse. I used a closed system which meant a professional colon hydrotherapist assisted me instead of a open system where the patient does it themselves.
I had been doing enemas for a few months actually, so I wasn’t scared of a colonic at all. The colon hydrotherapist was also a naturopath and iridologist of more than 10 years so she educated me very well as we did the colonic session.

She said no doubt I had leaky gut and I had a lot of toxins stored in my colon, stuck and couldn’t come out hence it is leaking out into my skin as the body is always trying to heal and detox, the body is not designed to store toxins, it always wants to get it out and if my colon is not working properly, my kidneys and liver are also not working then it tries to eliminate the toxins through my largest organ – the skin (also see post on Making Sense of Detoxification and Healing in TSW).

She told me: for the first time in your life ahfaye, you now realize that your toxins are not just from stored old bad food, it’s also from emotions and any childhood trauma as these are also psychological toxins that can deform and clog up the colon and be stored as toxins. Some of you may have heard of mucoid plaque (Google search images if you haven’t seen what it is WARNING it is gross) - that is what she was referring to as stored toxins in my colon. Although it could be differently shaped for everyone, unfortunately most of us have mucoid plaque that needs to be cleared out.

The colon hydrotherapist said after my colonic my skin may get worse – and it bloody did! What the colonic did was completely stir up all the toxins in my body and my impetigo infection spread soooooooo freaking fast I was like back to Month 1-4 in TSW: bed bound days Crying faceThis is my healing crisis!


Feeling crap and wondering WTF is going on as my skin was so good after the water fast. I did not know I had caught my 2 year old’s impetigo infection.


Ok my colon hydrotherapist did say my skin would get worse after the colonic so I just stuck with it and tried to calm down but as you can see it was getting pretty bad and rashes were spreading FAST! Healing crisis begins!


OK I phoned my colon hydrotherapist and asked if it was suppose to get THIS bad?! cos I have been through this (in months 1-6 of TSW) and I thought my toxins (this bad) was OUT already! Why am I going back to bed bound stages?!! Crying faceCrying face Dripping ooze like WTF man! The shock of going (very) backwards in TSW was very confusing for me. She confirmed it was normal and part of the detox healing crisis and she had seen similar scenarios in her previous patients too and told me to stick with it and just rest.


Condition getting worse, oozing like crazy but not as scared as I knew all this was detox symptoms but it was very unbearable. “I want to die” days…. Thank god for my dear husband who came home early everyday from work to take care of the boys. I was basically in bed for 23 hours a day. Only getting up for toilet and showering off the ooze. And yes it was freaking painful with the water hitting my open skin Crying face With my legs so bad I could hardly walk! I mean I never really had bad legs during my TSW this time. I only had "can't walk" days back in 2009 TSW so I was just really upset I had gotten this bad AGAIN.


I only found out about the impetigo infection 4 days after my colonic experience by tracing back my skin condition and matching it with my 2 year old’s (he caught it off daycare first and my 3 year old also had bits of infected skin on his thigh and arms). Since that day, we took my 2 year old to the doctors and he got given oral and topical antibiotics. My 3 year old didn't use oral antibiotics and just used topical antibiotics.

I didn't use any antibiotics! I was very tempted to though and lucky I didn't cos my immune system is damaged enough already thank you. But my 2 year old's infection was very bad so we just used it to stop it from spreading, he wasn't able to handle the healing crisis. Well maybe he could have, but I couldn't with mine going on as well!! Once I found out it was impetigo, I vigorously used heapsssssssss of the clofibrate ointment and I can say it did really well in bringing down the oozing and inflamed skin (hence the super oily face in photo below). But what REALLY cleared up the infection was the detox colonics - 4 days of colonics in a row with herbs to clear mucoid plaque / toxins out.

I had my 4-day colon detox book a month later and when I phoned the colon hydrotherapist 2 days after my first colonic and she was like ‘oh you need to detox sooner’ after hearing about my symptoms, she knew it was a healing crisis though. However she was fully booked, she only does the 4-day detoxes one full week per month. Thankfully one of her clients cancelled and she pushed me forward I was able to start next week!! I will write a separate post on this as part of my month-18 TSW healing..


Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!

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