Day 59 of TSW


Losing hair quite a bit and it’s freaking me out more and more so I stocked up on vitamins today. I remember the last TSW I went through back in 2009 I took these vitamins and my hair was much much stronger afterwards. Even when I washed my hair hardly any fell out. I hope they help this time too.

These vitamins are:

Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2   
Vitamin B12
Organic Iron with Vitamin C



Face is much better without moisturising. Dead skin is very thick and I started picking at it (opps hehe) but underneath was smooth soft skin, sensitive and some weeping but after drying up it was fine like nice skin. As you can see in the pic left side of cheek. I gonna stop picking and peeling it and let it just come off naturally as possible. I hope I can have a break after this. It’s so hard not going out of the house when there is daily things I need to do!



Came across this song today. Can relate to some of the lyrics, will use it as my inspirational msg of the day!

Jackie Thomas - It's Worth It

We fall so fast but we crash so slow oh ohh...

But if we keep holding on
I know we’ll get back to the surface
Cause it’s worth it
If we keep holding on
I know that nobody’s perfect
But we’ll work it out
Hold on... Hold on... Its worth it!!
I know that nobody’s perfect
But we’ll work it out


Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!


  1. picking off dead skin is just sooo satisfying haha! very fitting lyrics, i just checked this song out on youtube. love her voice, it's too bad they don't show nz xfactor in aus!

    keep holding on babe! xx

    1. thanks dear! yes it's a bad habit tho, i have to try not to pick nowadays cos it's starting to heal. yeah it's a pretty nice song. stink u don't have Xfactor, u can always stream it :)