Day 69

Home alone. Baby-free. Room vacuumed. Windows opened. Changed bed sheets. Sunny outside. Swollen dry eyes. Dry and itchy. Weepy back and waist. Sweaty private parts. Smelly body. OK maybe too much info. LOL. But I’m feeling positive today. For the past 3 days, my baby had a fever and it was no sleep for me on top of itching, sweating, oozing and just emo Baring teeth smile

But today seems like a better day. I think there has been a tiny improvement in my face. I have yet to take pics of my other body parts. I’m just lazy and my face is the worse area so I tend to focus on my face more. At the moment if my face wasn’t so horrible I would be out and about with my family during this Sunny weekend and enjoying some family time rather than be home bound Sad smile

Below are Day 63 and 69 pictures of my face. The redness has gone down a bit and I have started using Dr. Fukaya’s skin repair lotion for 2 days so it might be that helping as well. The lotion feels like a very slimy translucent thin lotion when put on and then it quickly penetrates into the skin deeply. My face still dries up with the lotion and pretty fast too and it actually itches as I feel it drying up but I try very hard to not slap my face (instead of scratching I have been slapping my face to relieve itch, ooze, burn etc and it has really impeded my healing Sad smile) so I’m trying hard to stop this bad habit. As you can see from the second photo, starting to get new skin around my nose and chin which is great. Finally seeing some good new skin! But at the same time I really scare of jinxing myself. Because other TSW bloggers say they go through cycles of flares then good skin. I dunno if I can tolerate that… Oh wells, if it’s gonna come it will.


I got cracks developed from my finger tips 2 days ago they were like very deep paper cuts and you know how bloody painful paper cuts can be! I think it’s from dehydration these cracks. I’m been very lazy about drinking water. And because I am also doing the moisturiser withdrawal, I think I'm too dehydrated. But because I haven't put anything on my fingers and 2 days later as you can see it’s already healing. So this really proves if we don’t put crap in our body, our bodies are smart enough to do it’s own healing. 2 days ago I had trouble typing and I just couldn’t even scratch when I was itchy cos my cuts were so sore. Now it’s like a sore only if i press hard on the healing cuts.



Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!


  1. Hi Ahfaye, WOW you are healing fast! I'm so glad to see your amazing progress! Hang in there! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Tommy! Thanks for your blog posts and support :)