Near end of Month-2, Day 55 of TSW

I stopped all moisturisers yesterday. Well that was yucky fatty cream and Wizard ointment. I think it slowed down my skin from drying up and peeling which it needs to do - shed off dead skin. The creams and ointments also made me itch more and had a burning hot sensation. It felt like my skin couldn't breath properly now that I've stopped I can notice the difference. My neck and chest are very dry and painful ATM. I keep a towel wrapped around my neck so it's not exposed to air too much and dry up and crack even more.
I'm in Day 55 of TSW nearly 3-month mark. I'm taking Dr Shen's TCM as well. I think it's helped a lil bit. I’ts been super duper hard going thru TSW and looking after my boys. My husband has been the most wonderful-est man. He didn’t get angry and annoyed at first cos I am again going through this shit. It breaks his heart. He is also running his own company so is already pretty stressed and having to deal with extra stuff at home is a burden for him. But he understands and helps as much as he can. His brother is actually staying with us for another 2 months and has been really inconvenient for me as I can’t leave my bedroom cos I look like shit and will freak the shit out of his brother! I hope our family can go pass this hardship and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Anyway, so I stated Googling all this TSW (Steroid dependency/addiction) in Chinese and found this link that gave some TCM remedies:激素依赖性皮炎#.Uiq1UGQayc0
For those who can read Chinese, this TCM formula is similar or same to what I am drinking ATM I think:



每日劑,水煎3次,一二煎混勻分早晚2次口服,三煎每晚睡前用紗布蘸藥液冷濕敷患處15min。2周為一療程, 2個療程後隨訪1個月,判定療效。




Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!

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