Things I want to do when I'm healed

  • spend time with my children and husband love them lots
  • spend time with mum and dad helping them
  • shout lunch/dinner and buy things for family and friends that have helped and supported me during TSW difficult times
  • focus on completing my thesis and do it well
  • catch-up with good friends
  • have date nights with hubby
  • give hubby massages
  • clean the house!
  • be happy everyday
  • bake healthy food
  • change most of my makeup into natural makeup products
  • write an inspirational blog about my TSW experience n share it to the world!
  • don't moisturise too much
  • go out with my boys every weekend and enjoy it
  • talk to husband before i sleep
  • do a facial
  • get a body massage
  • get nails done


Thank you for reading this post. I wish you great health, happiness and success in everything you do!